Protect Our Garage and Make It Prettier with This Quick Tips and Review for Garage Soffit Lights

Our garage will look even more shimmer when we add additional light like garage soffit lights. However, we should decide what kind of light shape that we want to put there in order to create beautiful garage with shining light. This needs some steps and tips. Thus, below is the information about the light design that may inspire us and the additional tips for how to build the soffit light with our own hand. We will know about the type of outdoor lighting and find which one is the best and appropriate for our garage. Let’s check this out!

Finding the Best Led Soffit Lighting Kits

The Best Led Soffit Lighting Kits

Led soffit lighting kits are the kits that we need in order to build up the light lamp correctly in garage. Usually the soffit and the eaves lighting are the type that people mostly used. This lighting produces proper lighting with bright light so it can illuminate the outside view perfectly. This lighting provides several benefits that we will definitely enjoy. One of it is the premium performance that we will get when we settle this light in the garage. There will be reflected lights that show good performance to prevent low glare that mostly standard lighting gives. Then, what kind of things we need to note when we want to use this soffit light?

Things to Know for Soffit Lightings

Garage soffit lights

The great thing when applying the soffit lighting in our garage is the optimal lighting it gives to us and the maximal lighting it serves for the garage. It is clear that the lamp or lighting that is appropriate and recommended for garage is the soffit and eaves lighting. However, we have to know some things beforehand like the fire rated thing we should set when we apply this lighting. The fire rated lights is used when we cut the holes into the fire compartment. Some people feel for about the heat that may come from lamps including for garage soffit lights. But we should feel glad and relief as we do not have to put and set the fire hoods in above position from the soffit down light.

It is because the fact that the fire hoods and the fire rates lights are both designed especially for soffit light to protect them for fire. Other good point from using this lighting is we can use soffit light even though the surface is plastic. For wood and other surface we can safely use the soffit lights and it will work long life. Then, what kind of soffit lights that we may choose to bright up our outdoor garage and makes it prettier at the same time? As we know there are several types of lights with various designs. We can use which look good for our garage is.

Types of Lights, Choosing Soffit Lights

Garage soffit lights

Choosing the garage soffit lights may not look easy as there are hundred types of lights that are offered for us. For information, there are many type of outdoor lighting that may inspire us. There are modern exterior lanterns with flush mounted as well as the bracket model. Then, there is outdoor lighting for Ext. wall lights. The outdoor lighting consist with architectural light up and down model, traditional garden lighting we put for garden, wall lights for down light that may include in our list for our garage. Then, the others are the coastal lighting with corrosion resistant, architectural floodlights, buried exterior uplights, spike lights, bollard lighting, and exterior wall with adjustable spotlights.

Soffit Lights for Garage Recommendation Model

Garage soffit lights

In outdoor light we will also get to know about the decking & ground light, decorative and party lights, brick and low level lights, driver over lighting, hanging porch lighting, garden floodlights, illuminate house numbers, led lights exterior, lamps post lighting, designer outdoor lighting, outdoor ceiling lighting and many more including the soffit and eaves lighting. Then, for garage what kind of soft eaves light we may choose? To beautify and bright up our garage we can choose recessed LED soffit light with aluminum that looks pretty and modern. Otherwise, we may choose the soffit downlight kit in white color or frosted glass downlight.

The splashproof with box light for wall or ceiling is also good for garage as well. If we want something that looks dramatic we may use the mains tilt downlight model with galvanized steel for the garage. The standard model that is mostly chosen by people for garage is the rounded lamp model with frosted glass for downlight. But if we want to exclude something that looks hype then we can choose the fixed low profile LED fire with IC rated downlight type that can brings the masculine and rock visual in our garage. Usually the garage lights can be done through the expert but what if we want to settle it up alone? To answer this we may need to know about the DIY project that is given below.

The DIY Project to Apply Soffit Garage Light

Garage soffit lights

The DIY project will help us to know the steps of how to install downlight in soffit properly. Previously we have to already decide the model for the lamps that we want to set up in our garage. We can choose both led spotlights, led bulbs, led dimmer switches socket, led track lighting, led wall lights, led strip lights, smart lighting, and the under cabinet led lighting. After choosing the style of the light that we want to put in the garage then we can search for further steps. In doing the installation of the light, there are several tips that we can go through like what is described below.

How to Install the Soffit Lighting for Garage

Garage soffit lights

Doing a personal project like putting on and install the garage soffit lights then there are several things that we have to note. The first thing is about the location. We have to decide where the lighting will be set off. As we want to set this into garage we can directly search and explore the area. Finding whether it is big enough to set or it is included as small garage, because we will decide and choose the lighting that is appropriate with the garage style that we have. The height of the room should be considered with. The recommended height to put the lighting for garage is at least five inches and half.

After considering the lighting and the height then do installing the cable. We can use the cable type of 14/2 non-metallic for the soffit lighting. When we do this, we need to add more ten inches as an extra so the cable will not hanged. It can be matched and attached perfectly. Then, if we want to make soft lights led becomes perfectly fit we need to wire the junction of the box. We can take this out and remove the cover that stuck on it. By putting the wires on the junction box we can connect the soffit light better.

Garage soffit lights

The next step for installation of garage soffit lights is by doing stripping the cables. We can use the wire cutters to strip the insulation around 6 inches from the original length that is 14/2 of non-metallic cables. We do this because we want to know about the bare copper of the conductor inside it. Then the next thing we do is connecting the wire. We need to put down the wires to the red wire connector. Then put the red and the white wires together as well as the green wire into the junction box with a help of bare-copper wire. After that the last step is installing the soffit light. We can press the black color of the clips in an upward position using flathead screwdriver. We may hear the click sound that shows that the install is done perfectly. Those are the steps that may help you.